Monday, April 26, 2010

All out to defend our immigrant co-workers, neighbors!

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It's a lie that immigrants "take jobs" from workers born in the U.S. There's no fixed number of jobs in society: In addition to creating wealth through their labor, each worker also creates the need for more jobs, goods and services. But in this economic crisis of over-production--abundance--bosses are trying to blame immigrants for the widespread suffering caused by capitalist production for profit

... so ...

Minnie Bruce and I are already making our plans to travel to Buffalo on May 1, from 2-5 pm, gathering at Main and Goodell, marching to MLK Park

There we'll raise our voices with others to vow: "No human being is illegal! There are no borders in the workers struggle! Workers united will never be defeated!

Where will you be on May 1? 

Boycott Arizona tourism!
Divest from the apartheid state of Arizona!

May 1
2:00pm - 5:00pm
gather at Main and Goodell, march to MLK Park

May 1
gather at Union Square rally
march to Wall Street!